Hey there! My name is Syd. This blog is full of random fuckery. As of this moment my current obsessions are American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, and the Bioshock series. There are NSFW material on here, but I try my best to keep it down to a minimum. I draw pretty decent but I'm not very creative, so please send me a request or suggestions. I will very much will likely draw it. I'm a pretty damn open minded person so don't be afraid to talk to me.
Welp that's enough about me. Please enjoy what my blog has to offer.

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asking for nudes over snapchat is a dumb idea nigga how you gon masturbate in 10 seconds or less smh

Is this a challenge

*Sonic X theme song starts playing*

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randomly compliment people because sometimes that will be the only kind words they will hear that day

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god is a pink haired lesbian


god is a pink haired lesbian

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Destruction/Creation by Chris Slabber

"Inspired by the works of Alberto Seveso, I created my own series of paint in water sculptures. These were exhibited at KKNK 2014 at a gallery called Art Karoo.The idea behind this series was to show that from Destruction comes Creation. As the paint falls there is a constant point of creation, but at the same time it destroys itself.”

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